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Region: The City of Mineta[]

Chance of Discovery: 5[]

When one thinks of roses, one tends to think of love. Such is the reason behind the Roses of Coventia, a branch known as a dating hot-spot. This place once began as an attempt to duplicate the majesty that came with the courtyard of Edon-Arain. Yet the Roses of Coventla has become renown in its own right. The old gather here to relive the memories of love-filled youth, and the young gather to create these memories for their own future. In the end… all souls remain.


Roses of Mineta (Active)[]

A meal at the Roses of Coventia will set you back 40 pims - but, for your money, you'll absorb some of the genuinely exhilarating ambience, and gain an extra 2 points of Charm along the way; moreover, your Maximum levels of Vitality and Stress will be increased by 2 and 1 respectively. Effects last three full days.

Duration: 18 (3 full days)

Unlocked By[]