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The Great Lecture Hall Increases the Gates Parent Skill and the History of Magic by 2, and Gates Methods and Theory of Gates by 1 for the duration of your stay - but only if you're a registered student with Visitation Rights. If you're not, you gain no benefit.

Once Gates became Proscribed, its users knew that the School had to be preserved for future generations. The Schohanwicht Gates School was quickly founded in another dimension to ensure that its studies would be safe, and the Great Lecture Hall was the first building erected on its campus. Centuries of great debates, thoughtful studies, casting practices, and intense exams, have occurred in this very room. It is an honor that you are allowed to attend class here, and you are in awe as your knowledge and respect for Gates continue to grow.

Region: Elumia Proper
Chance of Discovery: 0
Exploration Difficulty: 999


The Great Lecture Hall at Schohanwicht (Passive)

Center on the Center of the School (Passive)

Having discovered part of the Schohanwicht school complex, you can find your way to the main buildings.



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