The Sententae


This event is automatically triggered on the Sententae holiday at the end of the second week of Nivelos.


1. Sleuthing vs 7 - Try to figure out who could be playing a joke on you.

Success - Unlock option 2, select another option.
Failure - No effect, select another option.

2. Playfulness vs 4 - Find the culprit.

Success - Tease -1 SS
Failure - Tease +1 SS

3. Magical Appraisal vs 4 - Cast a spell to make the message disappear.

Success - Flawless Timing +1 SS
Failure - Stress +1

4. Get out of there quickly.

Automatic - Diplomacy +1 SS

Note: Option 2 really have the reward for failing rather than succeeding. Based on the text, it appears deliberate.

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