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Chance of Discovery: 26[]

No one can tell you the full story of what happened here with any confidence. Some say the "Slipped Crown" name comes from the shape of what remains of a shattered old well hidden in the tall grass; others contend that a real coronet of some kind was lost in the stagnant waters below. What *is* known is that, hundreds of years ago, three cruel wizards - sisters, some say--were hunted to this place. Now, they were skilled in the art of Mastery and the dance of Gates; they butchered their enemies by the score and forever twisted ten for every one they killed. Ultimately, their pursuers were forced to adopt a strategy of patience; they couldn't win in one clean strike, or ten, but they could keep the three ladies in place without food or a chance to rest, and wait them out.
After many days, the cruel wizards turned on one another . . .
. . . and, of course, there are legends that hold that that had been the curse placed upon them when hidden dragons first taught them the ruinous spells they commanded . . .
. . . and they all ended up as skeletons in the mud.
When the wizards of the law came to confirm their deaths, though, they found every blade of grass enchanted with fire against them, and every rock hiding a bolt of lightning. An entire generation of magical heroes fell into their final traps and died.
Not everyone believes the hunters were innocent, of course. At this point, no one will ever know for sure.
The thing to take to heart is that there are still powers lingering in this place, and they weren't bound here for any purpose other than war.


Just going to the site of the Slipped Crown Expands your Stress by 1 point. If you're Courageous enough to listen to the place's cold, dead whispers, and Lucky enough to find some meaning in what they say (Luck/Courage Roll v. 7), you'll gain 1 Step Expansions to three random Mastery subskills. The thing to realize, though, is that the voices want more from you than you want to give; the cost of entertaining them, beyond just the added Stress, is three tainted days where your Danger Sense is Decreased by 3 and your chance of a random encounter is Increased by 15%.