Region: The City of Mineta

Chance of Discovery: 1

The sandwich shop has a triangular floor, in the center of which is a three-sided bar-top. Instead of a bar, however, the center of the triangle is an open kitchen where chefs in tall hats are bustling around, preparing sandwiches on fresh, steaming baguettes.


Eat a Panini of Indesribable Wonderment (Active)

You can spend 10 pims to eat a Panini of Indesribable Wonderment, reducing Stress by 2 and increasing Insight by 1 for one full day.

Visit the Snappy Baguette (Passive)

Visitors to the Snappy Baguette enjoy 1 point increase to Puzzles and Reason for the duration of their stay.

Unlocked by

This location can be most easily unlocked through the adventure AVAILABLE TODAY ONLY: The Snappy Baguette, which can only be accessed on 8 Kaliri.

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