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Region: Academagia[]

Chance of Discovery: 2[]

The Quiet Girl is an upperclassman - presumably, a girl - so deeply draped in Glamour that her own mother wouldn't find a hint of her face in all the moving shadows, nor recognize the timber of her volce from the whispers she speaks. It's more a little bit pretentious, really, but since she seems to have a handle on every student in this school, anyone who finds her in the quiet hallways where she sets up shop generally has the sense not to press the point. For 10 pims, she can tell you a little something about anyone - though the gods only know what she's learning about you at the same time.


Shop for Stories (Active)[]

The Quiet Girl can give you Information on anyone you care to name for 10 pims, and give you a Step's worth of instruction in the skill of Character Study along the way. Just be warned - if you make a bad impression (i.e., succeed on a Strength/Bully Roll despite yourself), then she might be inclined to Inform a random classmate about you!

Unlocked By[]