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Region: Elumia Proper[]

Chance of Discovery: 8[]

The Stone of Casting is a recent entry into the 'world' of magical stones, having been created in the year 1402.  The stone was created to commemerate the birth of a famous Professor (Judal Xi'tha) who was well known for his abilities in both the schools of Revision and Incantation.  To make this stone more special, a small pebble was used as the foundation.  With varying bits of Incantation and Revision, the stone was increased in size until it created a circular platform large enough to hold two men standing side by side.  Because of its significance to the overall world of magic, the stone was then placed on a relatively neutral site on the island of Elumia, thus allowing constant access to all who wished it without requiring permission of one academy or another.  


The Stone of Casting (Passive)[]

Those who utilize the Stone of Casting as their prepatory location will note 3 point Increases in their entire Enspell Skill suite--Concentration, Diction, Phemes and the Enspell Parent Spell - and a 1 point Bonus to all actual Spells. The Increases and Bonuses are attached to the Stone, however, and visitors can't keep them when they go.

Unlocked by[]