"The Unfamiliar Familiar" is an Adventure for your Platypus Familiar to go on without you.

A Swim

  1. It doesn't matter what the fox was interested in. You have to go NOW!
  2. You really need to know why the fox was interested in your belongings.

Energizing Revelation

  1. Try to figure out what just happened.
  2. Enter the classroom.
    • Expand Willpower
    • Go to The Strange Sense Intrudes

Face Time

  1. Shoo it away and get to class.
  2. Something about it feels... almost familiar. Take it with you.
  3. Observation. Look it over. (investigation option)
    • Insight/Observation vs 4

The Mysterious Sense Emerges

  1. What is this thing?

The Strange Sense Intrudes

  1. What is this thing?


  1. "A fox chased something into my backpack."
    • Expand Character
    • Go to Scrutiny
  2. Lie. "Sorry. I just had a really bad time with the map."
    • Charm/Lie vs 3
      • Success: Expand Deceit
      • Failure: Expand Stress
    • Go to Scrutiny


  1. Make your way back.

Decision of Fate

  1. “I’ll tell you what, you agree to be my Familiar, and I’ll keep you safe from any nasty predators. Deal?”
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