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Region: Academagia[]

Chance of Discovery: 0[]

Exploration Difficulty: 3[]

The Linguistic Section of the Venalicium Library is a well known location for students to come and learn languages without the tedious nature and structured set-up of textbooks. Here can be found books in every language, living or dead, human or non-human, though all Draconic texts are locked away somewhere safe so that no one can accidentally stumble across one. Visitors to this section will be able to select a book at random and take it to one of the comfortable chairs scattered on the Library floor or even check it into a study cubicle, so long as they have permission and take good care of the book in question. Those who know more can learn more, as is often the case in any skill worth knowing, but even those who do not know much can pick up something of value by visiting this location.


Consult the Linguistic Section (Active)[]

Visitors to the Linguistic Section of the Venalicium Library will expand their knowledge of two random Languages (as well as Library Knowledge) by 1 Skill Step each.

Unlocked by:[]