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Region: Academagia[]

Exploration Difficulty: 12[]

Chance of Discovery: 11[]

The Venalicium Library is one of the greatest repositories of knowledge in Elumia, rivalling the famed personal collection of the Duke of Ceada, or the public Library of Pievre. Yet even the personal collection of the Khediva of Saisyne cannot compare to the magical knowledge housed within the Venalicium. Since the founding of the Academagia, the knowledge of the whole of the Empire has always been housed here. But not all books are available for general use; and the librarians often keep treatises on specialized subjects apart. There are many such works which have been deemed wildly inappropriate for younger students. These books are housed in the Restricted Section, and a careful watch is put on it.

Abilities (Active)[]

Skulk in the Venalicium Restricted Section[]

Visiting the restricted section of the Venalicium Library can Expand your skill with Satyric Revelry and Insults by 1 Step.

The Total Venalicium[]

If you want to spend a few hours looking around the crown jewel of the Academy's library system, you'll become Informed of the Library as a whole.

  • Inform Venalicium Main

Unlocked by[]