Academagia Wiki


Region: Academagia[]

Exploration Difficulty: 1[]

Chance of Discovery: 0[]

When in doubt, or just in need of assistance when professors and tutors alike are unavailable, there stands as always the Academagia Library. Home to education and entertainment to the highest tee, the Library is the one-stop shop for all your literary needs. Interestingly, despite Academagia's place as an academic institution, there are some materials that offer education in some very odd areas. Seek, and you shall find.

Abilities (Active)[]

The Total Venalicium[]

If you want to spend a few hours looking around the crown jewel of the Academy's library system, you'll become Informed of the Library as a whole.

  • Inform Venalicium Main

Abilities (Passive)[]

The Venalicium Library: Tutor's Desk[]

Those who visit The Venalicium Library: Tutor's Desk will note a 1 point increase to their Intelligence attribute, but only while they are at this location.

Unlocked by[]