Academagia Wiki

Item Description Price
Pigments of the Airy Void Revision, Glamour, Incatation, Mastery, Gates, Forge, Enchant, Orthography +1 965
Oursouk Scorpion Orthography Brush Enables action to lower targetet collage's merits by 4 (Finesse/Forge roll v. 6) 195
Lamp of Ruckmarn Chance of to be discovered (CoD) reduced by 1% 350
Wand of Alesfa Pinga Wood Music, Orthography, Glamour Spells +1. Revision Spells +2. Incatation Spells +3. 800
Wand of Wenge Wood Orthography and Finesse +1. Grants the ability to give a Rash to target (Finesse/perception v. 5). Rash gives -1 to Charm and -2 to Befriend and Gossip. 930

Unlocked by:[]

  • Aranaz Student's first day.