The Wedding Feast


This event is automatically triggered on The Wedding Feast at the very end of the fourth week of Cheimare.


1. Listen vs 9 - Keep your ears open about any more information about this reception. (Must have relationship with an opposite gender student of 8 or more)

Success - Unlock option 2, select another option.
Failure - No effect, select another option.

2. Social Skills vs 5 - See if you can get an invitation from your friend.

Success - Social Skills +2 SS, +1 Relationship with opposite gender student.
Failure - Social Skills -1 SS

3. Infiltration vs 7 - Heck yes, you'll go!

Success - Infiltration +2 SS
Failure - Stress +1, inform Infiltration.

4. Decline.

Automatic - Ethics +1 SS, Playfulness -1 SS
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