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The World as a Stage Action allows one to treat their Environment as a stage and perform a small, one act play. The exhaustive effect this will have Increases one's Stress, but the rewards might well be worth it. If (and only if) one sufficiently performs a little play, he or she can earn a bit of money (and Increased admiration from/an Expanded Relationship with a close friend) and perhaps a bit of Merit for one's college. A particularly strong performance will affect a random member of the audience deeply, Expanding the relationship between actor and fan by a point.


  • Expand Stress +1
  • Roll: Expand random Relationship (Friend) +1
  • Roll: Expand Merit
  • Roll: ExpandPims +?
  • high: Expand random Relationship +1

Action Types[]

  • Beneficial

Duration: 1[]

Unlocked by[]