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Region: Elumia Proper[]

Exploration Difficulty: 20[]

Chance of Discovery: 20[]

Almost everyone has heard of this most famous archaeological dig site...the Wyrm Yurarauth Dig. Slain in single combat by Marcus of the Helm, the Wyrm Yurarauth ‘s body was covered up and left to rot; centuries later, as wider interest in history grew, this site was remembered and established as a historical dig site.  Several years into the dig, rumors began to swirl regarding rich finds and interesting items. Though the histories are blurry on this point, it seems that Yurarauth may have been the kind of Dragon to swallow or otherwise conceal gems, jewelry, and precious items on his ‘person’, not trusting anyone to keep them safe for him. Since the discovery of several Gates-related items, access to this dig has been restricted for all who are not properly vetted; those without permission to be here are dealt with strongly.


The Wyrm Yurarauth Archaeological Dig (Active)[]

The Wyrm Yurarauth Archaeological Dig! A casual visit will gain you a 2 Skill Step Expansion to a random History Subskill - and give you a ten percent chance of finding a random jewel!

  • Expand Random History Skill +2 SS
  • Find Random Jewel (10% chance)


  • Wyrm Spit (Item)

Unlocked by[]