Region: The City of Minetia

Chance of Discovery: 2

The van Tibernius Mathematics School was founded in 1656 (about a year before your first day at the Academy) by an old, successful merchant. The school so far only has one classroom and most students are irregulars - usually there's between 1 and 2 dozen students visiting the class at any given time. Its primary focus is Arithmetic, but Geometry and Economics lessons are also offered by some of the teaching staff.

The Tuition for an Academagia Student is 800 pims per year. Believe it or not, that represents a substantial discount - though there are coupons out there that will cut the cost in half, or eliminate it altogether.


Pay Tuition for the van Tibernius School (800 p) (Active)

Pay 800 pims in tuition to the van Tibernius Mathematics School. This unlocks its courses, which you can take at your convenience - note that Advanced Economics Studies will only become available as your skill in Economics rises.

  • Add Memory - You've paid tuition.
  • Expand (-800) Money

Pay Tuition for the van Tibernius School (400 p) (Active)

(Note: this action is only available if you have the discount)

  • Add Memory - You've paid tuition.
  • Expand (-400) Money
  • Remove Discount

Study at the van Tibernius School Mathematics School (Active)

Study at the van Tibernius Mathematics School expands a random Arithmetic subskill by 2 and also, if your Study Habits are up to it (i.e., if you succeed at a Roll of Intelligence/Study Habits v. 7), expands by 1 Step two of the following subskills: Accounting, Administration, Negotiate, Famous Geometry Problems, Geometric Laws, Trigonometry and Drafting.

Succeed on Roll of Intelligence/Study Habits v. 7

Study at the van Tibernius School (Active)

Once you've achieved a certain amount of skill with economics (an Economy skill ≥ 8), you can help the faculty at the von (sic) Tibernius School conduct research for some of Mineta's great merchant houses, or even for the Captain's personal staff. Any given assignment will take you about a week, and will Expand a random Research subskill, a random Heraldry subskill, and a totally random skill by 2 Steps each. You'll also impress your elders along the way, Expanding Parental Approval by 5 points and gaining 5 Merit for your College. And, lastly, you'll draw a token salary of 35 pims.

The bad new is that it's an intensely demanding business, and you'll gain 4 points of Stress.

Unlocked By:

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