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The elusive Tin-Ki-Tan root is difficult to find, difficult to keep, and difficult to grow; that being said, it is incredibly beneficial to those looking for a boost to their strength attribute, as it gives a 3 point increase for six entire days! Like most other roots, the Tin-Ki-Tan root grows underground. Unlike other roots, it has nothing to breech the surface with, thus making it extremely difficult to find. anyone who has a cutting of this root should consider themselves more than jsut lucky...they should believe themselves directed by the gods!


Item Type[]

  • Plant
  • Durability Type: Perishable
  • Durability: 2(?)
  • Size: 0
  • Concealability: 0
  • Worth: 990

Recipe Information[]

Quality: 2

Enchant Skill: Botany

Gained From[]