Academagia Wiki

Region: Academagia Grounds

Chance of Discovery: 5


Tower of the Cold Forge (Passive)

Simply being in the presence of the Tower of the Cold Forge will Increase your mastery of the Enchant Parent Skill, and of the Artisan, Weaponsmith and Armorer Subskills by 1 point each.

Use the Forge of Ice Drops (Active)

You have access to the Forge of Ice Drops, allowing you to Increase your Forge, Metallurgy, Materials Knowledge and Weaponsmith Skills by 2 points each for three days at a time. If, with that boost, you succeed at a Finesse/Forge Roll v. 11, you'll also find your work has resulted in objet d'art you can easily sell for 250 pims.

Unlocked by: