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During you visit to Tertoliod's Observatory, you're free to use the telescope and Subtle Panoptikon to Track Comets. The results are difficult to predict, but you're likely (on a Luck/Astrology Roll v. 6) to Expand one of a number of relevant subskills (Astronomy, Observation, Concentration, random Astrology subskills) by a Step - and even if you don't you'll at least win some sympathy (and a Relationship point) from Professor Badcrumble when you report the results


  • Expand Astronomy +1
  • Expand Observation +1
  • Expand Concentration +1
  • Expand random Astrology Subskill +1
  • Expand Relationship Instructor Badcrumble +1

Ability Type[]

  • Beneficial
  • Social

Unlocked by[]