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Region: Academagia[]

Chance of Discovery: 2[]

The competitive spirit will be inbibed forever within the trophy. Often the ultimate material reward, the trophy is the closest physical interpretation of benevolent pride. Hard work and sweat goes into competition, and the same rings true for this storage room. Full of sentimentality, those athletes of today keep the reward of the athletes of the past in this room, to await the day when these will be shown on display in all their glory once again.

Abilities (Active)[]

Defile Trophies (Ability)[]

A visitor to the Trophy Room can expect significant inspiration from the achievements of those who've come before--or through sheer covetousness. Either way. Regardless, during the length of one's stay in the room, both Athletics and Competition are Increased by 2 points.

It should be added that said visitor, if he or she has Sabotage on his or her mind can--with Finesse and skill--inscribe messages of such spectacular lewdness on the trophies of any one given College that its total Merit shrinks by 20 points. It's not fair, but it's funny!

The downside for the perpetrator, though, is that his or her Chance of Discovery at anything illicit goes up 2% for an entire month. People will be hunting for him or her.

People will be hunting very, very seriously.

  • Increase College of Choice Collegiate Merit -20
  • Increase Chance of Discovery +2%

Action Type[]

  • Hostile
  • Duration: 180

Abilities (Passive)[]

Trophy Storage Room (Passive)[]

Unlocked By[]

  • Compete - Parent Skill 11
  • Random Event (Listen/Scouting)