The Unnerving Clarity Spell is taught to those who have all but mastered the ways of Reason, and who seek to exploit their skills with the help of knowledge and stimuli unavailable to most; for three days, it throws open the mind, shows the hidden order of the world, Increases the caster's Insight and Intelligence by 2 points, and Increases his or her Chance of Success at all Actions, Abilities and Spells by 10%. The problem is that one becomes so aware of the possible effects of every action that one almost forgets to act; Flawless Timing is Decreased by 1, and Courage is Decreased by 2. A successful casting requires making a moderately difficult Intelligence/Glamour Roll (v. 9).


Action Type

  • Beneficial

Spell Types

  • Glamour


Duration: 18

Unlocked by

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