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Once the home of a very small yet very lucrative temple, this small catalog known as Upright Offerings now sells items that its owners consider ‘basic’ needs for a career in Civil Law. Given that a portion of all proceeds from the items which move through its doors go to the poor and destitute, many budding law clerks and judges buy from this catalog just for the good feeling they get in knowing that the money doesn’t all go to line someone’s silk robes.


Item Name Effect Price
Advocate's License: Civil Visitation rights to Stenephan Pastis’ Court. 107
Bensen's Rules of Civil Conduct +3 Civil Law 150
Civil Law in the Time of Scaptos +2 Civil Law 160
Civil Law Robes +1 Civil Law 150
Imperial Decree #1392-01: Parental Fidelity Gives 250 Pim for one week 100
Imperial Decree #647-113: Unlawful Detainment Decrease Chance of Discovery by 2% 675
Reikein's Codification of the Law

+1 Civil Law

+1 Criminal Law


Unlocked By