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Hi fellow Wizards!

I started to play Academagia a few years ago, and from time to time I have the urge to go back to Mineta again. While playing I like to check the wikia site of the game to build my character more efficiently. But as you know, this game is huuuge, so a lot of information is still missing from wikia, so sometimes I add some more (mostly details on events, adventures).

Hope my additions will help you! Have fun!


Favorite Adventures

  • The Keystone (College Vernin): Guys, this advanture is friggin crazy! The main story line is nothing compared to this, no matter which point of view you choose. You HAVE TO try this one! (Although I have to admit, that I am really into Gates and Mastery right now, and this one has a lot from both.)

Pages I am currently working on

Pages I was working on in the past

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