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I think it's time to put in an Adoption Request get more admins. Why you say? Because we need to delete pages and change the design and navigation. It's been 4 years since an admin made an edit and since the founder [User:Draigh] logged in. We need this wiki up to snuff when Year 2 gets here... eventually... someday... soon... We also need to discuss how to handle Year 2 information but I suspect we'll need to wait until Year 2 actually drops to see how much has changed.

For the changes themselves, I think that improving the design and navigation of the Wiki would be good for everyone. It might even draw in new players more often. I would love to see BCS make more sales, perhaps allowing them to get future years out quicker ;) And I really really want more links in the navigation beyond the "popular" pages. Wikia has the worst search function ever... I type in Items and it pops up Items (Guide) and Items Cosmetics. When I hit enter it just lists a bunch more specific item pages like Emerald, Small (Item) and not the actual Items category despite that box being checked.

If you too want these things changed or improved upon, know that only Admins, Bureaucrats, and Content Managers can change them. CMs can delete and merge pages, Admins can do that plus edit the layout and make CMs, and Bureaucrats can do everything plus make other bureaucrats and admins. If we have a good amount of people in these roles, then one is bound to show up every month!

I'm going to share this with Draigh, both here and on the BCS forum, but I don't expect to get an answer. He responded, see below. So maybe we can discuss it for a month or two before starting the adoption process. I visited this wiki for the first time in months and stumbled across the Adoption page. Figured I'd get the ball rolling. So what do you think? ---Blondetiger (talk) 03:20, September 24, 2017 (UTC)

Edited : Draigh has responded on the Forum. If you would like to become an Admin or Content Manager, he is reachable by PM there. Please please please don't let me be the only admin checking in. I will procrastinate and not check in eventually. The burden of responsibility should be shared ;) ---Blondetiger (talk) 19:28, September 24, 2017 (UTC)