"addiction to character creation at the expense of serious character development". I feel you man. I've had this game for years and I keep stopping before the end only to come back and start a new game. Blondetiger (talk) 08:43, September 23, 2017 (UTC)

  • What a twisted habit, right?  I can't even narrow my focus down to one character from each college, to at least get the Steam achievements out of the way - I have an average of about 4 from each, and i've only taken one out of all of those as far as mid-terms. Desiderastus (talk) 14:09, September 23, 2017 (UTC)
    • Wow, 4 of each? I've never even managed to start a game with half the colleges ^^; I keep returning to 2 or 3 because of colors, reputation, and courses. But then I don't play it on Steam so no achievements to worry about. Do you create a lot of different character types? Or is it the same 4 types for each college? Mid-terms sometimes does it for me too. The daily grind seems to get more monotonous by that point and the window for adventures gets smaller... I think I stress out as I get far ahead on school and certain skills but feel behind on skills for the harder adventures. Maybe I should try to do a no reset game soon just to see how I do until the end... I mean, it can only get easier for us to finish the more times we do, right? ;) Blondetiger (talk) 04:14, September 24, 2017 (UTC)
      • True, practicing should produce a steady habit eventually ... theoretically!  I have some variation per college, but if I want a generalist I don't put them in Durand, Godina or Hedi because then they can only be enrolled in 4 Magic classes at most.  I haven't tried an Enchanter outside of Vernin yet but not all my Vernins are Enchanters.  I expect eventually I'll try a "razor-edge" scum-save playthrough where I skip as many classes as possible without failing any (or at least not all) of them.  Or obsess over just one of them and ignore study levels in the others.  But since I've never played a full Year 1 and haven't dug into the forums too much to vaguely avoid spoilers, I don't even know what it takes to get expelled academically or whether that's even a thing.  i recall something about too many reprimands/detentions in too short a time but that's about it. Desiderastus (talk) 07:24, September 24, 2017 (UTC)
      • Mainly it's that I spend a silly amount of time tweaking Background spending and class schedule, at least enough to have a specialty Pillar in mind or one Attribute to concentrate on, then play a few weeks in and realize I could have tweaked just one point this way or that, and start all over...
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