Admin Rights Part II

Hi Draigh, I sent you a message on the forum where you're more likely to see it but I'll post here just in case. We need some people to become admins (at least one needs to be a bureaucrat to make more admins) so that we can update the navigation and design of the wiki and delete pages. Please take a look at my post about it here to discuss. Thank you! ---Blondetiger (talk) 03:43, September 24, 2017 (UTC)

Admin Rights

Hi there. I have been busying myself expandind this Wiki and revamping categorization over the last good couple of days.

Would you consider giving me Admin rights so I can e.g. delete rogue pages and rogue Categories?

Otherwise it's gotten really quiet around here whith only the odd anonymous user adding a page or tow a sy.

Might change end of year, if Black Chicken launch the sequel.

Regards, --Saradoc (talk) 17:11, February 11, 2013 (UTC)

Wiki Theme

Hey Draigh. I would like to work on the wiki theme, so if you don't mind could you give me admins right for a day or so to mess with the Theme Designer? Of course, it might be better if you handle that instead. CremePudding (talk) 10:08, August 23, 2013 (UTC)

If you fancy tidying, I've added a few pages on adventures and noted (and in the first three cases sadly caused) the following:

There is a mispelling in "the pedestal and the book" adventure

Also "Amongst the Dusty Shelves" should be "Among Dusty Shelves".

Mairgrete's Missing Familiar is duplicated - the incorrectly spelt page "Maigrete's Missing Familiar" page is redundant.

Tools of the trade is also a duplicate - the full adventure is in Map Mischief.

The First Game  is also a duplicate - the full adventure is in Watching Ships at the Docks.

Andrew Tall (talk) 21:31, August 23, 2013 (UTC)

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