Academagia Wiki


Region: Academagia[]

Chance of Discovery: 2[]

Here, students, instructors and artisans labor to produce the famed enchanted items that the Academagla is known for. Besides the forges fled by the purest of elementals, there are many tables, arcane implements and tools, as well as reference works for the more unusual enchantments.


Grand Forge (Passive)[]

Visitors to the Grand Forge of College Vernin (not the Grand Forge of the Academagla, though the Vernin students generally appreclate the confusion) recelve 2 point Increases to all Enchant and Forge Subskills for the duration of their stay.

Tidy after the Smiths (Active)[]

They can also choose to do some clean-up work; It's a remarkably good way to study the processes in use. In fact, a good round of tidying can actually net you Expansions of a Skill Step a plece to a random Enchant Subskill and to a random Forge Subskill.

Unlocked by[]