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The Vibrate Pheme carries with it a +1 bonus to its user's Lute, Lyre, and Violin skills. Its difficulty level is 6.

"Legends are made to be disbelieved...or so I was told as a child. This one, however, I tend to believe. You see, legend says that in 592, a lone child was running through the knee-high grass of a fallow field on his way home when a sudden windstorm leapt up. The ferocious winds send this unnamed child tumbling to the gorund, and as he balefully forced himself back to his feet, he was stunned to hear the most calming humming sound coming from all around. As he stood, the sound went away, so he dropped back to his knees and was rewarded by the sound's return. Smart as a whip, the child realized that the wind was blowing just right against the dges of the ring he had made with his kneeling body that it was actually vibrating the blades of grass around him. When he stood up, the blades of grass straightened out and stopped the humming. When the windstorm was over, the child dedicated the next few years of his free time to recreating the sound he heard that day, plucking blades and trying all kinds of configurations until finally cupping it in his hands between his thumbs. After he had learned how to do it once, it was only a short trip from there to producing a Pheme for it. As I's a legend, but one with just the right ring of truth." Professor Chastellain Lecture Notes, 1655.

Difficulty: 6[]

Possible Effects[]


Spell Types[]

  • Vibrate (Magnitude = 2)
  • Air (Magnitude = 2)
  • Music (Magnitude = 2)
  • Opposition Echo (Magnitude = 3)