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This is an Action only available with a specific background choice during character creation.


The Vihuelan School teaches its students to play instruments using spells, not their hands. A true Vihuelan professional can command an orchestra to play using nothing more than magic. Such magics are quite difficult, of course, and over the centuries the Academy has developed a practicum to allow its students to practice the method. Although a minor demonstration of the technique, it can still be impressive, even in the hands of an apprentice.

By using this Action, you gain 1 Step in the Lyre subskill and 1 Step in a random Incantation subskill. Additionally, if you are very skilled at Incantation, you may impress your fellow students.

You must own a Vihuelan Lyre in order to use this Action.


- possibly -

  • Relationship with Random Student +1


Only from Character Creation: