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Vincent Warrender

College: Durand

Familiar: Smitty the Deepwood Weeping Toad

Vincent is a consummate duelist. Now, just because he’s never actually been in a duel doesn’t mean this still isn’t true. Being so easy to get along with, though, it’s not likely he will ever need to stand against another student in a duel, but he is more than ready. His dueling practice makes it easy for Vincent to appear dashing, and the girls practically swoon over him. However, one gets the sense that it’s all a big act and once a duel does ensue, the results won’t be so favorable in Vincent’s corner.

Ability: The Duelist's Glare

For someone who spends so much time studying the art of the duel from every possible angle, Vincent gets remarkably tense when there's a threat of actual combat in the air. When pressed, he can put all his considerable skill and determination into dissuading someone else from entering into a Duel with him, Increasing his Bluff and Intimidation Subskills by 3 points each for 4 turns. Ironically, though, that stresses him so badly that a random Duel Subskill actually Decreases, making him all the worse off if his gambit fails.

Clique Ability: Duelist's Friend

Knowing and appreciating Vincent’s obsession with Dueling rules gives one a leg up on them one’s self; in specific, those who are friends with Vincent can tap into his knowledge of Duel, thus increasing their Duel Conduct (+2), Duelling Forms (+1), and Duelling Circles (+1).


Arithmetic, Botany, Dialectic, History, Incantation, Negation

Good skills

Demi-Tour, Duel Conduct, Duelling Circles, Duelling Forms

Base Attributes

Fitness: 3, Finesse: 3, Charm: 3, Strength: 2, Intelligence: 1, Insight: 1, Luck: 2

Personality Preferences

Likes: Expand Duel, Expand Duelling Forms, Expand Conspicuousness, Expand Flirting

Dislikes: Expand Music, Expand Dance, Expand Research


  • Knight of Wands (Duel)
  • Academic Success (Study)
  • Familiarize the Familiar (Bond and Familiar)
  • Better the College (Merit and Relationships - Durand)
  • Make Friends (Befriend, Relationships)

Adventure: The Duelist Defends His Crown?