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Region: The City of Mineta[]

Chance of Discovery: 10[]

Exploration Difficulty: 13[]

The lively and exciting shack known as the Vintner’s Company of Mineta is well known to all the scallywags of the city. Bards shun the place, but storytellers are drawn to it like moths to the proverbial (and literal) flame. Those who have earned the right to be here are sprinkled with enchanted sawdust...or what they’re told is sawdust...and are allowed to sit in the crowd and enjoy the stories as often as they wish. Those who haven’t been invited beware! More often than not, a Professor of the Academagia is lurking somewhere in the recesses of the building in hopes of letting off some steam; should they see a student sneaking around, there’ll be Monteon to pay!


Vintner's Company of Mineta (Active)[]

Visitors to the Vintner’s Company of Mineta may (40% chance) have their Charm increased by 2 points for 2 days and have a random skill step expanded!

  • Increase Charm +2
  • Expand random subskill - 1 SS

Unlocked by[]