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Region: Academagia[]

Chance of Discovery: 3[]

The Professor's "Trophy Room" contains a surprising number of letters from her younger years, all arguing that she would never amount to anything, and would do well to marry the butcher's third son before someone prettier came along - some of those letters actually seem to have come from her fellow instructors. Whenever she's feeling down, she will come here, browse through these trophies and remind herself that she could not have made it to the Academagia without enduring, or even outright ignoring these discouragements. That said, she does like to amuse herself by making use of it all.

Students who wish to visit have to try to dissuade her from passionate protection of the room - they're probably not ever truly successful, technically speaking, but she respects a bold attempt. It can great fun watching some of the less compelling students try, including the ones who try to tell her she's better off having pancakes with Professor Knoht.

Ability: Visit the Trophy Room[]

These who can "discourage" Professor Violante de Canapiedra (Charm/Dispassion Roll v. 10) from patrolling her trophy room will be given access to the room, and gain valuable insights on Passion and Dispassion, expanding the two skills by three Steps each. These visits amuse her, but only in moderation - don't expect to be welcome, or even tolerated, more than once a week.

Unlocked by[]