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Vitality is a derived attribute from the Fitness Attribute and a measure of a characters health, i.e. how much Damage your Character can stand.

Vitality is determined by your Fitness Attribute x2 which is called Vitality Maximum, but can be modified by various factors.

As opposed to the related derived Attribute Stress, Vitality is a positive number, that all Damage and Healing (i.e. negative and positive Expansions) are deducted from or added to.

While you cannot die from having your Vitality reduced to or below zero, you will lose all 3 actions for the entire next day to afterwards will recover with full Vitality, similar to incurring Stress over your character's Stress Maximum value.

The Rest Action that is ther default in your Calendar for evenings and week ends will reset your Vitality to full along with resetting your Stress to your Stress Minimum value.

Vitality may also refer to the Pheme of that name, see Vitality (Pheme) .

Vitality Maximum[]

While there is a value for Stress Minimum, there is no such thing as a Vitality Minimum. Your Vitality Maximum can be Increased or Expanded positively or negatively from events in the game, starting at Character Creation.

Barring the above factors, Vitality Maximum will be the value of your Fitness x2.

Your Vitality Maximum can be Increased temporarily, while Vitality itself is always Expanded permanently (with the sole exception of the Correct Hurts Spell). The latter is not really permanent as you can heal yourself or rest your damage off.

When your Vitality Maximum is Increased or Expanded positively, your Vitality will go up to the new value, but retain deductions for prior damage. With temporary effects, such as Spells temporarily Increasing your Fitness, damage taken before is also retained. If you have a Vitality Maximum of 16, then cast Cleanse and Remake (Spell) to raise your Fitness by 3, you will now have a Vitality Maximum of 22. If you take 6 Damage, your Vitality will go to 16 and stay there, when the Spell wears off. Casting it again will raise Vitality Maximum as before, but your Vitality will stay at 16 for the damage taken.

Events affecting Vitality and Vitality Maximum[]

Vitality and Vitality Maximum can be affected positively or negatively (i.e reduced) through your own Actions, Abilities or Spells, or attacks from other characters (most notably Philippe Marchant slipping the leash on his Familiar). Also, bungled checks in Adventures or Random Events are a commom cause of loss of Vitality.

  • also see Fitness for indirect effects on both values.


Damage reduces the current Vitality by one or more points.

Damage can be applied to yourself or another Student by:

See Category:Damage:

Damage to yourself can also be incurred by:

  • other Actions, if bungled (see description)
  • Adventures (to yourself, if Roll is not made in some instances)
  • Random Events (to yourself, if Roll is not made in some instances)

In articles, use "Expand Vitality" (-x)" if it applies to the character, or "Damage x" if you are doing the damage to someone.