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Wielding this wand gives one a sense of power that is well deserved; those who have this wand in hand will enjoy increases to their Incantation (+2) and Incantation Methods Skills (+3).

Legend has it that the Wand of Lightning was made from the wood of an enchanted tree. The tree itself was cleaved in twain by a lightning bolt; a master artisan took the splintered wood to craft this fabled wand. The Wand of Lightning gets its name from a permanent current of electricity that wraps around the wand. A sight to behold, the wand sparkles and crackles in the wizard's hand.


Lightning Rod[]

The Lightning Rod ability creates the weather effect of a lightning storm. In and of itself, this weather does nothing beyond frighten people, but as certain spells and abilities require this weather to exist, this could be an important ability to master.

  • Create Lightning Storm (Weather)
  • Affinity: Lightning

Item Type[]

  • Hand
  • Durability type: Durable (45)
  • Size: 0
  • Concealability: 0
  • Worth: 900

Recipe Information[]

  • Quality: 2
  • Iron Wand (Item)
  • Steel Bar (Item)

Gained From[]