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Region: Elumia Proper[]

Chance of Discovery: 2[]

The Weatherstone is an ancient piece of worn tufa that was enchanted by Nomea herself. The Weatherstone was created to control the weather during the construction of the Academagia in order to speed her brother’s legacy along. When its usefulness was up, no one could bring themselves to destroy such a wonderful relic the likes of which mankind was unlikely to see again; with the passing of the New Gods and their direct descendants, the more powerful magic was again leaving the world, such as the magic that was used to create this wonder. As time went on, however, the Weatherstone became embittered about its purpose in life or lack thereof. As such, it stopped following the commands of men and started following its own. Only after a ‘friendly discussion’ between Emperor Sacola and the stone did an understanding come about; the stone would no longer influence the weather so long as people did not bother it. After several centuries of disuse, most everyone forgot about the Weatherstone and left it in peace.  


Insult the Weatherstone (Active)[]

If one insults the Weatherstone properly (Charm/Insult roll v. 18), it will cast a gloomy cloud over Mineta, imposing 2 point penalties to the Actions, Abilities, and Spells of everyone in reach until they can Rest... except for you that is.

  • Causes Everyone else to have a 2 point penalty on Actions, Abilities, and Spells

Unlocked by[]