Academagia Wiki

The wiki is still growing and developing. Please abide by the following guidelines to make all pages accessible and uniform for visitors.

Adding Content[]

All additions are welcome and assumed to be made in good faith.

When editing or adding a page detailing an item, activity, spell, or other in-game information, your first step should be to consult the following list of templates to see if we have a template for the design of that page. These templates have been created using Lua to generate pages that are uniformly-formatted and easy to read - as well as easy to write! You can simply focus on adding content, instead of worrying about formatting it to match the rest of the wiki. If you have time, please convert pages to use these templates.

When writing an independent article about the game (such as Mikka's Adventure Guide) or writing in a Notes section, please try to use standard English with good grammar; we're an international crowd here and not everyone has enough command of the language to understand colloquialisms and slang. Common colloquial expressions to suit your writing style and add humor, such as "suck up to a teacher" for "Expand Relationship" might be okay, while highly specific or regional ones such as "brekkie" for "breakfast" are not.


Try to include as much information as possible, as clearly as possible and if you can as complete as possible.

If you feel, the info you can add is incomplete, add the "stub" Template to the page, so others know they can help out here. You can add this template through the Insert menu in the visual editor, or by writing {{Stub}} in the source editor.

Naming Conventions & Style[]

Our naming conventions are very important because they enable users to discern immediately whether a page contains information about an Item, a Spell, a Pheme, etc..

Our style makes extensive use of bold text and (parentheses) to emphasize important information. The conventions for each type of concept are:

Many of our templates provide convenient automatic linking features which will be broken if you add a page without appropriate parentheses identifying the type of content you are discussing. While you can always fix this mistake later by moving the page, it is best to get it right the first time.

Note that in sections dedicated to specific types of concepts, such as the Items that can be found in a Location or the Phemes of a Spell, it is best to leave off the parenthetical type marker because it's already obvious what type of concept is being referred to. Our templates often do this automatically. However, they (and you, if you are editing a manually-created page) should still link to the correct page with the type marker.

Academagia Terminology[]

Many words in Academagia are capitalized to indicate that they hold specific technical meanings. We use these same words on this wiki to discuss these game concepts, and it is important for you to use them correctly so that all readers understand exactly what you mean. Fortunately, if you are playing the game while writing the wiki, you will usually have these terms in front of you.

The most important terms to be familiar with are:

  • Expand: to modify a base value, with positive values meaning the value is going up, negative values meaning the value is going down. Expansions are permanent, although you can take steps to fix a bad Expansion (such as Resting to restore your Stress and Vitality)
  • Reduce: to modify a base value, negatively
  • Damage: a Reduction of Vitality. Damage is expressed with positive numbers although it has a negative effect on Vitality - a bit confusing, but consistent with the game's usage of the term.
  • Increase: to modify an effective value, with positive values meaning the value is going up, negative values meaning the value is going down. Increases are usually temporary, but some Increases are permanent because it is impossible to lose the source of the Increase - such as a passive Ability.
  • Decrease: to modify an effective value, negatively
  • Add: Adding an Item, Visitation Rights, Emotions, Afflictions, Abilities, Actions, or Spells to a character. This is used where this state is Boolean: it's there or not.
  • Inform: Providing information about a Location, Item, Shop, Skill, Subskill, or Pheme to a character. This is similar to Add, but you are not actually gaining anything except knowledge. In particular, being "Informed" of an item means that you learn the details about what it does, while having an item "Added" to your character means that you actually have the item in your inventory.
  • SS: Skill Step. These are what you usually gain through Expansions to a Subskill - notably, Skill Steps cannot be Increased or Decreased, only Expanded or Reduced. Every Subskill requires a certain amount of Skill Steps to increase its Skill Level, depending on the complexity of the Subskill and your Attributes.
  • SL: Skill Level. Direct Expansions of a Subskill are rare, but do exist, often as a reward for Adventuring.

You may have noticed that some of these terms overlap, such as Expand/Reduce and Increase/Decrease. The game itself is inconsistent in its use of these terms - sometimes a "negative Expansion" or "negative Increase" will be denoted by "Reduce" or "Decrease", while other times they will simply use Expand or Increase. The specific negative terms are preferred on this wiki for clarity, but inconsistency in this regard is practically inevitable.

Headers, Lists, and Tables[]

For manually created articles, use headings, lists, and tables in a sensible way to separate and organize your content. Headings should be created using the formatting tools in the visual editor unless you are familiar enough with wikitext to create them manually; do not try to simply make a format look like a heading using bold or italics, use the specific heading tools.


Categorizing is extremely important to make this wiki easier to navigate and increase its utility for helping people to play the game.

If you use the page design templates, many categories will be added to the page based on the information you provide in the various sections; this is one of the greatest advantages of using the templates. However, not all of the relevant information can be extracted from the page itself for use in categorization; if you want to make the best pages possible, you will need to add some categories yourself.

At this time, the following information is extracted and used for categorization by the templates, although not every page has each of these types of associated information:

The following types of information are not extracted automatically (at least, not yet), but are still very important, so please add them manually:

Each page should be connected to at least one category and very frequently to several subcategories or related categories.

To add a page to a category manually, publish it and click the Add Category button below the text. You will need to type in the name of the categories, with a little help from the wiki engine. Please type carefully; if you misspell the category, you will create a new category instead.

To add a page to a category using the templating system, use the Category parameters in the templates. You can add up to 20 categories this way. If you need more, add them manually.

The descriptions on the Category Pages can be helpful for deciding what goes into that individual Category.

As an example of how to use categories:

  • Take a look at Glamour Classroom: Professor's Podium:
    • It is a Location, so it goes in that category.
    • It's a Location that gives you the Ability to use actively in your Calendar, so it falls under Category:Locations - Active Ability
    • It's a Location where you can raise a skill, namely Glamour
    • It's a Location where you can raise random Subskills (all of Glamour)
    • It's a Location where you can raise Glamour Spells (and Theory, Methods, Phemes)

Hence, this room shows up when you go to a Category page

  • to look up your active Abilities alphabetically sorted
  • to look up how you can raise your Glamour skill
  • to look up Locations that Expand random Subskills, however helpful that may be
  • to look up how you can raise the four Subskills of Glamour, individually.

If you want to link to a Category and have the link appear on the page itself, put in a colon (:) after the opening two square brackets. This will show the engine you are linking to a page in the Category namespace rather than adding the category to the page.