The wiki is still growing and developing. As such we're creating a few guidelines to make all pages accessible and uniform for visitors.

Adding Content

All additions are welcome and assumed to be made in good faith.

When editing or adding a page, please have a look at the articles that are currently there for the layout used.

Please try minding your grammar (don't worry, it will be fixed for you) and use standard English, we're an international crowd here and not everyone has enough command of the language to understand colloquialisms and slang.

Common colloquial expressions to suit your writing style and add wit to a read , such as "suck up to a teacher" for "Expand Relationship" might be okay, writing "banjax" for "break and reduce to the state of a pig's breakfast" is not.


Try to include as much information as possible, as clearly as possible and if you can as complete as possible.

If you feel, the info you can add is incomplete, add the "stub" Template to the page, so others know they can help out here. Write the word stub within two wavy bracelets on each side at the appropriate place in the article. This will show the Stub frame on the page and add the page to the Stub Category.

Naming Conventions

The naming conventions, i.e. how you call a page you add, are very important because they enable users to discern whether a page contains information about an Item, a Location, a Pheme, etc.

For pages about Items, Spells, Phemes, Actions, Abilities, and Emotions, that word is added in (brackets) a space behind the name.

Dispel (Spell) and Dispel (Pheme) are examples.

Fixed Expressions

The learning curve for editing this wiki is rather steep, but please acquaint yourself with the regular expressions used in here. It might look like legalese, but a good couple of words are capitailized to indicate they are technical expressions.

Capitalizing aside, which we could live without, please note that some expressions are used in a manner to convey what they mean exactly. The most important of those are:

  • Expand: to modify a value permanently, with positive values meaning raise, negative values meaning reduce.
    • Example: Expand Vitality +1 and Expand Stress (-1)
  • Increase: to modify temporarily, with positive values meaning raise, negative values meaning reduce. Note the negative values in brackets for easier readability at one glance.
    • Example: Increase Random Subskill +1, Increase Stress Minimum (-1)
  • Add: adding an Item, Visitation rights, Emotions, Afflictions, Abilities, Actions, Spells, knowledge of Locations to a character. This is used where this state is Boolean: it's there or not. This goes, too, for multiple Items as there is either a slot filled in the knapsack or not for each of those Items.

Filing Content

Use the == markers to create headlines that Show up in the content box top of the article. This gives an overview of the article and can be used for bookmarking and quick-jumping. The Skill pages are a good example.

We usually start at ==, it may go down as low as ====.

Please don't emulate Header formats by using apostrophes for bold or Italics.

Bullet Points (*) are good for listing content for a good overview, as are auto-numbers (#).


Please please please with sugar on top: do categorize pages you add. If it's not categorized it's as good as not there because the search engine is not really the best.

Each page is connected to at least one category and very frequently to several subcategories or related categories.

To add a page to a Category, publish it first and click the Add Category button below the text. You will need to type in the name of the categories, with a little help from the wiki engine. Please type diligently, for if you mispell, you will create a new category.

Please read the descriptions on the Category Pages on what goes into that individual Category.

See the Wikia Community for further help: [1]

Furthermore, any mention of (sub)skills is also made a link to the page of that skill. Pages should be easily accessible from different pages related to them.

  • Take a look at Glamour Classroom: Professor's Podium:
    • It is a location, so it goes in that category.
    • It's a location that gives you the Ability to use it actively in your Calendar, so its Category:Locations - Active Ability (as opposed to the passive locations you can use to buff other unconnected action)
    • It's a location where you can raise a skill, namely Glamour
    • It's a location where you can raise random Subskills (all of Glamour)
    • It's a location where you can raise Glamour Spells (and Theory, Methods, Phemes)

Hence, this room shows up when you go to a Category page

  • to look up your active Abilities alphabetically sorted
  • to look up how you can raise your Glamour skill
  • to look up Locations that Expand random Subskills, however helpful that may be
  • to look up how you can raise the four Subskills of Glamour, individually.

If a page refers to a Subskill, add the appropriate categories to the page. For example if we have the location Academagia Groundskeeper's Office, you'll see you can get a temporary increase to the Comets Subskill, part of the Astrology Skill. Below you see both a Locations - Astrology and a Locations - Comets mentioned.

A Pheme would refer to the Phemes - {skill} pages, and a Spell to the Spell - {skill} pages.

Then there are pages about items. They mostly follow the same principles as mentioned above. Have a look: Safaviore Insignia (Item).

Most pages have a Discussion/Talk tab, post there if you changed something because you have different views on it. It might be that we just discovered a random or more complicated part of the game that needs extra work in the wiki.

If you want to link to a Category put in a colon (:) after the opening two square brackets. This will show the engine you are linking to page in the category namespace.

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