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Beneficiaries of the Wind Pheme will enjoy an increase to their Elumian and Running Skills. Its difficulty level is 6.

Drawing the Wind Pheme is a relatively simple thing to do; in fact, most wizards learn of this Pheme through other methods instead of the 'proper' way and are therefore stumped by its effect to increase one's Elumian Skill. Those who have learned of this Pheme's origins through 'proper' channels will also be confused as to why it gives a bonus to Elumian, but at least they'll understand better in more general terms. The Wind Pheme is put to the best use in certain Incantation combat spells, though to go into more detail here could be considered reckless.

Difficulty: 6[]

Possible Effects[]

Spell Types[]

  • Air (Magnitude = 3)
  • Wind (Magnitude = 2)
  • Magic (Magnitude = 1)

Unlocked by[]