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Your Familiar Has Turned Green (Event)
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Vital statistics
Participants You, Your Familiar, and Cante Caviti
Date ?
Location Via Vele Alleys
Prerequisite {{{prerequisite}}}

You are just about to finish casting a spell when your Familiar makes a strange noise. It's not the kind of noise that it's ever made before, and you glance around quickly to see what's the matter.

To your surprise and horror it is huddled up in a corner, bright green and shaking!

As you stare, it lifts its head weakly and meets your gaze with big pitiful eyes.

Something's terribly wrong, and your Familiar is trusting you to help it!

  1. Persuasion. Go get a professor.
  2. Revision Spells. Use your magic to heal your familiar!

    Theory of Revision +1 SS

  1. Conversation. Ask your familiar what's wrong.

    Familiar Handling +1 SS. Unlocks choice 4.

  1. Passion. You know who's to blame. Make him sort it out!